Julia Zagoruiko
Career Coach,
Team and IT Project Coach, Mentor

The way I help people:
Helping IT managers, BAs, project and product managers:

* Project Consultancy.
* Overcoming difficulties in working with teams.
* Overcoming project crises and team conflicts.
* Setting up business processes and creating a project environment.
* Mentoring and career assistance in IT.

Helping Leaders, C-level managers, team leads:

* Disclosure of resources for career growth and income growth.
* Setting strategic goal, kicking off changes for leader potential growth.
* Executive and life coaching for long term impact .
* Improving personal performance.
* Work barriers overcoming.
About Julia
Founder and managing partner at ITeamClub, Gallantra, Kidplan, VideoCoach.

Agile Certified Coach, Facilitator (ICAgile), SAFe

Managed Agile transformations at Senturia, Simplio, TravelTech, IVIA, Keyword.com.

Launched teams and development processes at Intersog Mobile, WildFire Force, Gallantra, Publix.

Launched products as a product manager at ProcessMaker, Serpbook, Airino.

Speaker and trainer at IAMPM - I teach project management, business analysis and product management for tech and non-tech students.

Trainer and coach at IteamClub Consulting.

Personal Coach (Ural School of Coaching, School of Organizational Coaching).

Scrum masters, projects managers and leaders mentor.
Work principle
To help people find a unique lifestyle and work, based on coaching and 20 years of experience in IT.
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Programs and services
• The current work does not give growth and satisfaction
• Reached the "glass ceiling"
• You want to upgrade, change the type of activity or company
• Want to follow your career plan towards new goals
• Want to understand how to earn more
You would like to understand the specialties of the IT world
• Understand which of existing skills will help in the transition
See variants for development in the IT sphere
Develop a clear transition plan
Dispel myths about working in IT

• Everything seems to be good, but life is not happy.
• How to keep up and live and work?
• Is this the way I'm going?
• Do I want to continue living this way?
• I achieved everything I wanted and?
• How can I change my life?
• Why do I have all this?
• Are you lost among a huge number of courses and information for leadership?
• Do you want to focus and move on at management to become the leader of a new generation?
Career coaching
Consulting on not technical IT specialties
Mentoring for leaders
Existential leadership coaching
• Your team does not achieve the expected results?
• There are constant conflicts in the team and the client is not satisfied, deliveries and deadlines fail?
• What to do with the team?
Coaching for team leaders
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The coaching process
Intro session
At the first 30-minute session, we review the situation, determine your request and work out possible options for cooperation.
Cooperation offer
After the intro session, I will prepare an individual proposal for you, the company or the project. We agree on the conditions of cooperation and choose the most optimal way to achieve the goal. This can be an individual coaching program, a company transformation plan, a training program for your team, an anti-crisis program. We will determine the success criteria also.
Launching and running programs
Together with you, we will develop events at your request, carry out the training of all interested parties and launch changes. We conduct sessions in individual coaching and track your results. At all stages, we analyze the speed and success of changes, based on regular feedback.
Maintenance and support
After the successful completion of a project or program, I stay in touch with you for 3 months, support you at the stage of stabilizing changes and answer questions.
My achievements in numbers
Successfully launched projects and products
Built and managed teams
Hours in individual and team coaching sessions
My super power
I help to organize the chaos in life, work, company!
My projects
I am from Odessa.
I work with clients around the world remotely.

skype: jzagoruiko
E-mail: julymount@gmail.com
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